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Mav Baseball Chipolte Night


Cross Country - Baseball Volunteers Signup

click here to signup to volunteer during the McNeil Cross Country Meet on Sept 29th. This is a very large event, 1000's of racers and volunteers are needed. This is an oppurutunity for the baseball booster club to raise money just by volunteering our time. Players are expected to participate. Please sign up by 9/19.


I hope you all have had a great summer.  As the school year creeps closer, here are some important tasks to complete. 

1. Please make sure to go on line and complete all designated UIL paperwork for your child.

2. Please ensure that physical exam paperwork is up to date. If your child's physical was last year at this time, there's a very good chance it has expired or will do so very soon. Physical exams should be completed on the form provided. The proper form can be found by clicking on the above link.  The attachment below contains locations to obtain a physical (if needed).

3. It's Texas, it's August, and it's hot. Make sure you are getting acclimated to the weather. Additionally, begin hydrating your body NOW for off season practices. Within the first two weeks, you will be asked to complete the mile run as part of Fitness Gram testing for RRISD. We will also time you in the 60 and use these tests to help determine your level of fitness going forward. Also, there are two weeks left in The Performance Course.  Thanks to those who have attended over the summer. If you haven't, you can still sign up for the final two weeks or so. If not, I will reiterate to you to start now by doing some throwing, hitting, and running. 

4. We will meet in B206 the first day of school. 

Again, hope you've had a great summer. Coach Aguirre and I are very excited about seeing you guys. 

Expectations are high. We know you are ready for the challenge.


Coach Dawson

McNeil Freshman Summer Ball

07/05/2018, 5:00pm CDT
By Admin

Thanks to all the players and parents who participated and supported our summer program!  Hope to see you all in the spring.


Athletics Online forms can be found here: